Training Opportunities

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The Regenerative Rehabilitation Scholars Program is designed to stimulate and support research conducted by junior investigators and medical residents. Apply for a one-week to three-month research experience in any one of twenty-three laboratories

This program provides scholars with hands-on experience working in the laboratory of scientific leaders performing regenerative and/or rehabilitative research. These experiences will help develop valuable and long-term collaborations with research groups utilizing protocols and techniques that are unavailable in the applicants’ laboratories, and will advance the field of regenerative rehabilitation.

*Applications are accepted on a rolling basis*


Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Email the following to

  1. Candidate’s CV
  2. Short statement of interest in the field of Regenerative Rehabilitation
  3. 200-word summary of current research
  4. Description of the technique and/or tissue system that you are interested in learning at a host site, and why
  5. Relevance of the proposed project to the field of Regenerative Rehabilitation
  6. Available timeframe


AR3T PIs will review all Scholar applications. Reviewers will consider the following: Does the candidate have the potential to develop as an independent and productive researcher in regenerative rehabilitation? Will this experience broaden the candidate’s research program in a way that contributes to the field of regenerative rehabilitation?

Applications for Sabbatical, Visiting Scholar and Training Opportunities should be emailed to