Courses and Workshops

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AR3T supports educational programs, courses, symposia, workshops and lectures.

AR3T’s goal is to provide trainees, junior faculty, researchers, doctors and rehabilitation clinicians with first-hand exposure to laboratory techniques and access to foundational knowledge so crucial for developing the research expertise needed to be truly competitive in the fast-moving field of Regenerative Rehabilitation.

2022 Educational and Training Opportunities

AR3T collaborates with leading regenerative medicine courses around the country to further disseminate information on Regenerative Rehabilitation.  To learn about the courses and/or to learn how to apply for a travel award from AR3T, see below. Applicants must currently be working in the United States.

Regenerative Medicine Essentials

Wake ForestCourse: 10th Annual Regenerative Medicine Essentials Course
When: June 5-8, 2023
Where: Virtual
Ideal Applicant: Clinicians, researchers, laboratory technicians, patient advocates, MD, MS and PhD students, advanced undergraduate students; industry staff, researchers and executives.

More information about the course and registration information can be found here.

Advances in Tissue Engineering

Course: Advances in Tissue Engineering: 30th Annual Short Course
When: August 9-12, 2023
Where: Rice University, Houston, TX
Ideal Applicant: Biomaterialists, biomedical engineers, pharmaceutical scientists, physicians, technical managers, advanced students and others involved with research in the following areas: regenerative medicine; drug discovery, delivery and targeting; stem cell biology; cell and tissue culture; nanobiotechnology; artificial internal organs; applied immunology, vascular surgery and medicine; organ and cell transplantation; gene therapy; orthopaedic surgery; and reconstructive and plastic surgery.
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Regenerative Medicine and Surgery  Two-Courses Series

Courses: Part I: Fundamentals of Regenerative Sciences (Feb. 14-18, 2022) and Part II: Advanced Regenerative Medicine and Surgery (June 6-10, 2022)
Ideal Applicant: Medical student, MD, PM&R resident, DPT, PhD in regenerative medicine, engineering and/or rehabilitation research fields.

MBL’s Frontiers Course

Course: Frontiers in Stem Cells and Regeneration
When: October 2-9, 2022
Where: Woods Hole, MA
Ideal Applicant: Postdoctoral fellows, newly independent scientists and established investigators seeking comprehensive training in regenerative medicine research. Apply by July 5, 2022.
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Presentations and Workshops

AR3T researchers are presenting at a number of meetings and workshops every year to help investigators in disparate fields learn the skills and obtain the tools necessary to make the transition into this cutting-edge area of research. Check out the Upcoming Events page and join us!

AR3T has supported speakers and attendees at:

Regenerative Medicine Advanced Training Course
This course provided comprehensive and sophisticated training on state-of-the-art methods in bioengineering, and in cellular, molecular and genetic approaches for advancing the field of Regenerative Rehabilitation. The target audience was young and promising faculty already involved in rehabilitation and regeneration research, as well as advanced postdoctoral fellows; and consisted of a series of daily lecturers on emerging concepts, followed by extended discussion, laboratory research, technologically intense workshops and informal seminars over a week-long period.

Annual Regenerative Medicine Essentials Course: From the Fundamentals to the Future
This WFIRM course, held in Winston-Salem, NC, provided a state-of-the-art review of regenerative medicine including background material on  regenerative medicine and Regenerative Rehabilitation; ethical, economic and other issues important to regenerative medicine; and an opportunity to network and meet leading professionals in the field. The course integrated information, technologies and skills from the biological sciences, engineering, and legal fields.

Regenerative Medicine and Surgery Selective
This course was hosted by Mayo Clinic School of Medicine in conjunction with the Center for Regenerative Medicine and co-sponsored by Regenerative Medicine Minnesota. This selective engaged students in the fundamental principles and cutting-edge applications of regenerative medicine, including Regenerative Rehabilitation, within clinical practice.  Interactive lectures, laboratory demonstrations, clinical highlights, and patient interactions enriched the content of the selective and provided students with a hands-on experience of regenerative medicine at Mayo Clinic.

Frontiers in Stem Cells & Regeneration
This laboratory- and lecture-based course included a complete array of biological and medical perspectives from fundamental basic biology of “stemness” and mechanisms of regeneration through evaluation of pluripotent stem cells for therapeutic benefit, and included world class lectures from experts in the field.  This course also featured bioethics seminars, career coaching, and one-on-one mentoring by course faculty.