Symposium on Regenerative Rehabilitation

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The 9th Annual International Symposium on Regenerative Rehabilitation will be held October 27-29, 2022.
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The Symposium on Regenerative Rehabilitation, featuring renowned researchers and clinicians from around the world, focuses on the emerging field of Regenerative Rehabilitation. This innovative approach combines discoveries in tissue engineering and cellular therapies with applied biophysics and rehabilitative treatments, resulting in improved functional outcomes for patients. This Symposium encourages the participation of scientists, clinicians and physical therapists who are in the fields of regenerative medicine, engineering, physical medicine, rehabilitation and more. The Symposium agenda is designed to be a platform for bridging these areas of expertise in a setting that fosters discussion, interaction, cross-discipline pollination and networking.

As we approach a new era of technological advancements, regenerative medicine scientists must work closely with rehabilitation specialists in the development of clinical protocols to optimize functional recovery. To date, there have been few opportunities for regenerative biologists to be exposed to protocols and methodologies commonly employed in the clinic by rehabilitation professionals, protocols which serve as potent stimuli to drive functional tissue restoration. Nor are most rehabilitation scientists and clinicians exposed to the many advances in the field of regenerative medicine. There is, therefore, a great need to increase the interaction of individuals across the fields of rehabilitative and regenerative medicine such that, as technologies are developed and as understanding of regenerative biology progresses, advances may be smoothly and efficiently translated to the clinic.

A better understanding of the synergistic effect of rehabilitation approaches and regenerative medicine technologies has the potential to propel the translation of regenerative technologies into functionally relevant treatment interventions for a host of pathologies which will, in turn, transform the future of rehabilitative healthcare.


“Excellent programming, high quality speakers. Diverse environments for knowledge exchange.” “Well organized symposium with interactive lectures.” “There were excellent presentations with emerging clinical applications.” “I found it very important to have these two large professions spend quality time together.” “What I liked best was hearing about all the amazing work that is being done to improve rehabilitation.” “I enjoyed networking and the opportunity to interact with thought leaders in the field.” “Thank you. It was awesome!”

Year after year, 100% of survey respondents agreed that the symposia presented “scientifically rigorous, unbiased, and balanced information.”

Previous Symposia topics have included:

  • Advances in the Biology of Tissue Regeneration & Plasticity and Implications for Clinical Practices
  • Applied Mechanobiology to Enhance Cellular Therapeutics and Tissue Engineering, Part I and II
  • Clinical Applications
  • Current Controversies in Regenerative Medicine
  • Discover Integrated Methods to Enhance Tissue Healing and Regeneration Through the Application of Clinically Available Rehabilitation Approaches
  • Interfacing Rehabilitation Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
  • Harnessing Intrinsic Tissue Regeneration Through Mechanical Stimulation
  • Mechanotransduction as a Tool in Tissue Healing and Repair
  • Modulators of Neural Plasticity and Regeneration
  • Plasticity and Implications for Clinical Practices
  • Regenerative Medicine and Regenerative Rehabilitation 101
  • Regenerative Rehabilitation in Education
  • Regenerative Rehabilitation in Military Medicine
  • Regenerative Rehabilitation Technologies
  • The Impact of Rehabilitation on Cellular Therapies
  • The Importance of Mechanical Stimulation in Cellular Therapeutics and Tissue Engineering
  • Training the Transplant: Implications for the Treatment of Neurological Pathologies
  • Translating the Science: Clinical Trials
  • Understand the Principles of Regenerative Medicine and How Rehabilitation Interfaces with these State-Clinical Innovations in Regenerative Rehabilitation

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