Expert Consultations

Expert Consultations2021-02-09T16:13:16+00:00

Advice is available to Regenerative Medicine and Rehabilitative Research investigators at all career stages whose research could benefit from contact with faculty members of AR3T’s participating laboratories.

  • Junior investigators are invited to request consultative services for help with issues such as developing research plans, mapping out submission strategies, identifying collaborators, and providing guidance on future career direction.
  • More advanced questions regarding Regenerative Rehabilitation study design, protocols, methodologies, and assistance with data analysis and interpretation can also be answered using this consultation mechanism.
  • AR3T experts can also provide support with Regenerative Rehabilitation grant writing by helping to review Specific Aims and Methodology sections. For individuals seeking guidance with grant writing, we ask that the investigator contact AR3T at least two months prior to the grant submission deadline in order to allow time to schedule a phone conference, review investigator materials, and for the AR3T expert to suggest revisions prior to submission.

If you have questions or would like to request a consultation with an AR3T expert, please email