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    1. (New) Concise Review: Musculoskeletal stem cells to treat age-related osteoporosis
    2. Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Identification, Phenotypic Characterization, Biological Properties and Potential for Regenerative Medicine through Biomaterial Micro-Engineering of Their Niche
    3. Youtube video collection on the topic of Regenerative Medicine
    4. Regenerative Medicine and Regenerative Rehabilitation Podcast collection
      1. Dr. Fabrisia Ambrosio -Regenerative Rehabilitation #97
      2. Dr. Tom Rando -muscle stem cell biology #111
      3. Dr. Steve Wolf  -Regenerative Rehabilitation and educating clinicians #112
      4. Dr. George Christ -musculoskeletal tissue engineering #115
      5. Dr. Michel Modo -stem cell therapy, neuroimaging and stroke #117
      6. Dr. Ravi Bellamkonda -nerve gap repair #121
      7. Dr. Jonathan Cheetham -TE for larynx, nasopharynx and trachea #124
      8. Dr. Linda Noble- Haeusslein -CNS injuries #129
      9. Dr. David Borton -spinal injuries and Regenerative Rehabilitation #133
      10. Patrick Cantini -muscle tissue engineering study #141
      11. Dr. Stephen Badylak –npj Regenerative Medicine #154
      12. Dr. Michael Boninger -Regenerative Rehabilitation #155
      13. Dr. Elisabeth Barton -skeletal muscle repair #158
      14. Dr. Rocky Tuan -musculoskeletal disorders #166
      15. Drs. Lorenzo Soletti and Bryan Brown -peripheral nerve repair #175
      16. Dr. Antonio D’Amore -artificial heart valves and cardiac patches #178
      17. Dr. Fatima Syed-Picard -craniofacial tissue engineering #179
      18. Dr. Stephen Badylak –Journal of Immunology and Regenerative Medicine #182
  1. American Regenerative Rehabilitation and GenomicsAcademy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AAPM&R)
  2. American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)
  3. International Society for Stem Cell Research
  4. McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine
  5. Medical Rehabilitation Research Resource Network (MR3)
  7. RegMedNet: At RegMedNet we truly believe that regenerative medicine is going to revolutionize modern healthcare. The field comprises a multidisciplinary mix of experts, from regulators to manufacturers to researchers: RegMedNet is a networking site that unites all members of the diverse regenerative medicine community, enabling them to share the latest news, inspiration and insights, and connect and collaborate in order to help this exciting field move forward at an even faster rate.