Specific Aims Review

Specific Aims Review 2018-07-16T14:11:52+00:00

Purpose:  One of the most critical parts of a grant is the specific aims section.  NIH recommends starting off with a one-page summary including specific aims, and having an experienced and successful researcher review it and provide you with feedback. At this symposium, we have created a venue for just that!  By participating in this opportunity, you will be able to learn from others, strengthen your own specific aims, and leave with a high-quality start for a successful grant application.

Eligible Individuals:  Graduate students, postdocs, junior investigators, and faculty new to Regenerative Rehabilitation research.

Process:  Submit a specific aims page that follows NIH guidelines to ar3t@pitt.edu by Sept. 16, 2018.

Symposium Review Session:  Held Oct. 11th from 1:30-3pm at the symposium venue, successfully-funded senior researchers from AR3T and the International Consortium on Regenerative Rehabilitation will lead small groups in the review of submitted Regenerative Rehabilitation aims sections. Participants will be expected to have independently read specific aims written by attendees assigned to their small group beforehand and to have made notes on how the aims sections can be improved.  During the Aims Review on Oct. 11th, each group member will receive feedback and recommendations on their aims page.