An Annual Symposium on Regenerative Rehabilitation

The International Symposium on Regenerative Rehabilitation brings together researchers from Consortium institutions as well as regenerative medicine and rehabilitation researchers looking to bridge the divide, to learn and to interact in a setting that fosters cross-disciplinary discussions and collaborations. The 8th Annual International Symposium, which was co-hosted by the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Virginia, was held in Charlottesville, VA, on Oct. 24-26, 2019. Join the ICRR at the next symposium, the 9th Annual International Symposium, which will be held in Austin, TX, Dec. 3-5, 2020.

Workshops, Sessions and Symposia

ICRR researchers collaborate to propose and present on the topic of Regenerative Rehabilitation at meeting workshops, sessions, and symposia throughout the year. They work together to reach a diverse range of disciplines, both within the US as well as across the globe. Find information about upcoming events and collaborations here.

TERMIS Thematic Group

This thematic group within TERMIS, led by prominent researchers from around the world, strengthens the relationship between tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and rehabilitation research, ultimately accelerating the translation of tissue engineering technologies to the clinic. Examples of collaborations from this thematic group include:

TERMIS Pre-Conference Workshop:  This workshop, a collaborative effort by Fabrisia Ambrosio, Thomas Rando, George Christ, Christopher Evans and Stephen Badylak, highlighted mechanobiological principles that guide the development of rehabilitation approaches.

TERMIS World Congress Symposium: Akira Ito, Nick Willett, Fabrisia Ambrosio and colleagues brought together an international line-up to present on Regenerative Rehabilitation to a global audience of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine researchers.

TERMIS-AM Session: Nick Willett, George Christ, Stephen Badylak and colleagues introduced the transformative field of Regenerative Rehabilitation and presented concepts and research across a spectrum of applications.

TERMIS-EU Session: Rocky Tuan, Fabrisia Ambrosio and colleagues collaborated on a session, highlighting advancements in the field of Regenerative Rehabilitation.